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This institution is facilitated with a library which contains a number of books on the subjects of study along with Periodicals, Magazines and Daily Newspapers both in Tamil and English. It is maintained properly by a qualified Assistant Librarian. The total numbers of books available at present are 3174 in Tamil, English, Mathematics, commerce, co-operative Management, Economics, Computer Science, Management, General books etc. The library is also provided with a computer with NET connectivity for the use of staff and students during their free time.

814 New Books worth Rs. 2,51,000 has been purchased for the year 2015-2016 brought for all the subjects and for General topics.


• Absolute silence should be maintained in and around the library. Loud consultations, noisy conversations etc. are strictly prohibited.
• The Library will remain open between 9.30 a.m to 5.30 p.m
• Students can borrow a maximum of two books by using their ID cards.
• Books should be returned on or before the last date marked on the date label. Otherwise overdue charges will be collected from the students.
• Reference books and bound copies of University Examination question papers shall not be lent to the students to be taken home.


• The effective method of Text book services
• Easy method of Lending Service
• Reading room services
• Reference service
• Display of current and old addition
• Question Bank Services
• Book bank Services

Library Services

• Circulation Services
• Reference Services
• Information Retrieval through INTERNET
• Question Bank Services
• News Clipping Services


• More attention towards infrastructure will be paid.
• A Separate building for the library to create more facilities and support systems for our readers.
• A Separate Reading Room for readers who are attending competitive Examinations.

Faculty Profile

Mrs. Sarasukala Jayavani MCA.,MLIS.,M.Phil

Assistant Librarian

Experience : 14 years

E-Mail ID :

Phone : +91 9943576458